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Wecome to my website

Wecome to my website

Life can be so hard when you have relationship problems. They can lead to so many other problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, decrease in work performance, and/or increase in physical pains/illness.

Conversely, life can be so fun and fulfilling if you just know how to live harmoniously as a couple. Throughout past 20 years of my clinical experience, specializing in couples therapy, my clients have taught me three very important elements. First, they were good people who genuinely loved their partner and really wanted to please them. However, whenever they tried harder to make the relationship better, it got worse instead.

Secondly, their past familial issues invariably interfered with their sincere intention to have a happy relationship. Thirdly, sincere desire was not enough, on its own, to establish a happy relationship. They needed a lot more relationship skills for them to transform an unhappy relationship to a content and happy one.

As a result I developed many relationship skills that have worked very well for many couples. You can also learn to master those skills and be able to resolve many issues that are preventing you from having a happy and content relationship.

You can be happy again with your partner! It is worth trying everything you can to establish a happy relationship with your partner. It can bring you better health, better work performance, better financial status, and a longer life span.

I also teach 12-week Premarital Preparation Program. If you are thinking about getting married, this course will prepare you to establish a good and healthy relationship from the start. Nothing could be more valuable than taking this course if you want to establish a happy home!

I do also work well with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, abuse issues, self-esteem/self-confidence issues, and anger management issues. With adolescent problems, I move directly to the issue. I identify the child’s problem as well as parenting style issues. Depending on the problem I may work with the child only or work with both the child and the parents. In most cases, involving the parent(s) restores the child to the optimal level much faster than treating the child alone.

Whether you are seeking for an individual, couples, or family therapy, the therapy is for you. My goal is to help you to reach your goals in a safe and confidential environment. So feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail if you have any question. If you get my voice message make sure to leave your name and phone number as I do check my messages between therapy sessions. I sincerely hope that you will have the courage to call and begin the process of improving your quality of life.

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