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1. Who needs psychotherapy? 

We all are the products of our parents and our society.    Whether we recognize it or not, we are the victims of our parenthood and our abnormal society.  All of us have experienced a certain degree of emotional injuries. Some of us have been fortunate that their childhood have not been so bad: yet others have been so bad that their present lives are very negatively affected by their painful memories.  Of those painful experiences, some are surfacing in our conscious area; some are hidden under our unconscious areas.  Usually more painful experiences are buried under the unconscious area of our brain.  Some scars are very minimal that our lives can go on without big problems.  Yet some are so hurtful that they affect every behavior in our lives.  And they are often expressed as intense anger, a high need to control others, toxic languages, ceaseless hatred, anxiety, depression, unable to trust other, addictions, people avoidance, engaging in multiple affairs, and/or inability to maintain healthy relationship with significant others. More painful memories we have, less functional we become.  And  more pains we inflict on others.

Psychotherapy, therefore, seeks to understand the pains one is suffering and provides healing to those painful areas of the brain. It also tries to change the patterns of feeling, thought process, and behaviors.  And, therefore, it enables people to change themselves, to be more functional, to make good choices, to build better relationships with people, to feel more positive energy in life, and ultimately to live one’s own life of being free of past hurts.  Thus it enables one to live the life of full energy and to establish loving relationships with people.  Then, only then, a person will be able to provide a healthy and loving environment for his or her children so that he/she could stop the pain of generational family pattern at his/her time.  In other word, the process of psychotherapy helps you to be free from the hurts of your past and to re-create the life of your own design.  

Methods of psychotherapy? 

There are many different kinds of psychotherapy.  But all work with the patterns of feelings, cognition, behavior response, communication, relationship, problems solving, and etc.  Depending on what problems are predominant, the therapist will choose appropriate methods to resolve the issues.  The goals of the therapy will be mutually determined between the client and the therapist.  The ends results of psychotherapy is to reduce life stresses, solve the existing problems, change destructive patterns, and bring harmony and happiness into life.                      

Who needs to start first?

For individual issues, that individual will begin individual therapy.  For couple’s problems, both couple will receive therapy together.  For the children problems, most likely the child and the parents will be involved in therapy.  For family problems, family therapy may be required.  But in any cases, if the client is an adult, the client will determine who would be involved in the therapy.  

How long does the psychotherapy last?

The nature of the problem and the goal of the therapy will determine the length of psychotherapy.  After the first few assessments, the therapist will discuss with the client regarding the problems and decide the goals of treatment.  Then the length of treatment could be discussed.  Some problems could be resolved in a short period: some may take as long as 2-3 years.  In any case, the client will be the active person in deciding the duration of therapy.

How often should I attend therapy?

The severity of the problems will guide the frequency of the therapy.  In most cases, however, the therapy occurs once a week.  And as the problems are resolving, the frequency will also be decreased.  The duration each session will also vary.  The initial session usually requires 80 minutes for an individual and 120 minutes for a couples session.  Then, for the subsequent sessions, the individual sessions take 50 minutes and couples therapy 80 minutes.  After the initial session, both duration and the frequency of the therapy will be determined by both therapist and the client.

How much Dr. Lee charges for therapy?

Dr. Lee charges $150 for 50 minute session and $240 for 80 minute session.  The length of session will determine the amount of expense.  

How about confidentiality?  

Confidentiality is an extremely important part of psychotherapy. All information disclosed within sessions, including that of minors, is kept confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without written permission except where disclosure is permitted or required by law.  Disclosure is required in the following circumstances:

1.     When there is a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or abuse to the dependent or elder adult.

2.     When the client communicate a threat of bodily injury to others.

3.     When the client is suicidal.

4.     When disclosure is required pursuant to a legal proceeding.

Request of psychotherapy.

All therapy sessions need to be prescheduled.  At the time of your initial call, I will discuss with you when would be a good time for both of us.  If I am not able to answer you at the time of your call, please leave your number and a time range which is good for you to  receive my return call.  I will call you back as soon as possible.